Ethiopia has gender roles that are common.  The men plow, harvest, and trade goods; slaughter animals for food; herding; building houses; and cutting wood.  The women are in charge of household chores such as: brewing beer, cooking, buying and selling spices, making butter, cutting and carrying wood, carrying water, and looking after the children.  Obviously, gender roles are clear and part of their culture.  
Compared to America, the women have a job and the men have a job that cannot be intertwined.  In America, the women and the men may or may not have a job.  In Ethiopia, the urban areas are a little less strict on gender roles than the rural areas are.  Women are allowed to go to work just as the men do, but are still expected to get all of their household chores done.  Unfortunately, t=in the work place, men are more likely to get promotions than women are which shows the inequality between genders in the country.  Also, if a man is caught cooking or doing any of the women's chores, he would be considered a social outcast.
With children, parents treat the boys with more freedom than the girls.  This is because the boy has to grow into a man so he has to go out and experience his culture before he is able to provide for his own family some day.  The girls stay home with their mothers and help with household chores and learn to cook for their future family.  Both girls and boys are able to be educated, but the girls are not allowed to leave the house due to the chores that need to be done.  
As you can see, the gender roles are obviously not fair.  Although in urban areas women are becoming a huge part in political and economical roles, for the most part, women are treated lesser than men.  Men get more attention (socially) and more leisure time while women are forced to work all day.  

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Wow, sounds like society has some clearly defined roles -- I wonder if each gender values the role of the other as equally important.

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We the people should struggle for gender in all activities,as women are the backbone of the economy

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